Buz On Biz are as passionate about your business as you are


We want to help you grow your business, on all levels and from one platform.  Ramping up your connections / multi-boosting your personal and professional skills / and taking your business global.  We have a suite of services for your potential new or existing business

About Linda Elletson

 “Helping others has always been my Passion,
therefore, I turned it into my Mission”

I have run my own businesses since 1997 and believe I have made all the mistakes you could possibly make, so now I can see a mistake early and help you avoid it

Working for myself was always a challenge and will continue to be, however, I couldn’t be happier running my own business and helping people with their business


    To assist Founders at all levels develop and grow their business from concept to reality, while showcasing local business to a global platform


    Our vision is to provide the highest quality service to those brave enough to start their own business


    It was an honor to be nominated and then to win a Small Business Award from CV Magazine (UK Based) for

    “TV Channel Advertising Specialists Australia…..for the 2019 Small Business Awards”

    Always gratifying to be recognised for the hard work we all do to get our businesses up and running

    Thank you CV Magazine, appreciate your support