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TV Program

We are currently creating new TV Channels and looking for great content

‘Buz On Biz Business Channel’ is preparing to launch on the Roku streaming platform and we are searching the globe for the best businesses to stream their products and services on our channel

To create a successful channel we need 50-100 programs, this assists us in retaining viewers and attract an ongoing audience

If you have an online business, a service or product you would like to promote to a US audience, please complete the application below and let’s put your business in front of millions of US viewers

  • Complete the application form
  • Submit payment 
  • Read and sign the documents
  • Provide your program
  • We will upload and promote your program via our social media platforms
  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any ROI
  • However, we would be happy to discuss your content

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TV Channel

Maybe you have 50+ TV ready programs/videos and would like your own TV Channel!  We can create and launch your channel for you!

For only $5,000 set up fees and $500 per program we will apply to have your channel in front of US viewers.

We can also apply to other streaming platforms which can take your channel to over 100million devices globally, sounds a lot? It is and we don’t normally like to talk in these figures, however, when you talk Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast you will understand the numbers are there!

Additional programs can be aired within hours or days, depending on your requirements. Complete our application form or write to us with an outline of your proposal.


12 months, however, this can be extended.
We have social media pages set up to promote the channel.
We cannot confirm any ROI, we are happy to discuss your content and we would urge you to use a promotion code to track your value.

Do you want to break into the US Market or have an online business, service or product you would like to promote to a US audience?

Apply now and let’s put your business in front of millions of US viewers.

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