Buz On Biz Business Channel

Buz On Biz Business Channel streams on the Roku Streamer to over 43m active accounts in America

We are offering businesses the opportunity to share an educational video on our Channel with a link to your website

Offering viewers insight to who you are, what you do and how you can help, should encourage them to work with you

Our recommendation is to only upload a 20-30 minute program which gives the viewers sufficient information to visit your website


The Process

Select your preferred payment option and upload your video

  • Your program should be educational
  • You can include your website details
  • Please note, not everyone can watch from the table or smart phone, so please ensure the website address is very clear and easy to remember
  • We will advise when your program is live


Upload Your Program Today


How many viewers will see my program?
July 2020 figures show Roku have 38.9 million active accounts, predominantly in America
How many regular viewers tune into Roku?
June 2019 figures show approximately 15 million people tune in each week and watch up to 10 hours
Can you give me viewer statistics on my program/video?
We can supply channel statistics, however, we recommend you put in a code ie., Roku, to track all new business coming from your program
How do I watch Roku?
If you are in America, you can purchase their streamers direct from www.roku.com – if you reside outside of America you can purchase their streamers from eBay or Amazon. We would suggest comparing the devices on www.roku.com to select the best streamer for your viewing.  If you are based in America, you can now purchase TV with Roku hardware built in – nothing to add
Can I upload a second video within a month?
Our fee is applicable per video/program.  If you want to upload additional content, each video/program carries a fee
Will I be the only program for my industry?
Unfortunately, we encourage more than one business from an industry to ensure we cover the widest scope for the audience

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