When Your Ideas Need Sharing, We’ve Got The Platform To Reach An Audience Of Millions


Get your content in front of an international audience with your own program on the Biz TV Roku Channels

  • Reach up to 53.6 million US-based viewers
  • Market yourself with the #1 method to influence buying decisions
  • A fraction of the cost of TV advertising
  • Full guidance and support from the Buz On Biz team

A new innovation in marketing, designed specifically for emerging and established:

Course Creators


Online experts

Applications For Biz TV’s Pilot Program Are Now Open

Are you ready to take your business offering to the next level?

You’ve put in the hard work taking that next step toward your goal. Whether it’s building a course so you can make money while you sleep, writing that book to establish yourself as an authority, or gearing up to take your business global, you’ve overcome significant challenges to get here and you’re ready to start making an impact and increasing your sales.

So now what?

You might be busy building an email list, advertising on socials, telling your network – doing everything you know to get your new offering out there. But what if there was an opportunity to skyrocket your reputation and accelerate sales by getting your message out to a captive audience of millions? 

Content Marketing Influence Meet TV Advertising Reach

In an era of where consumers hold power over brands and everyone can sense a sales pitch a mile off, content marketing – the art of giving consumers helpful information to build trust, authority and ultimately lead them toward making a decision – is recognised as the number one way to influence people to purchase.

Yet with platforms increasingly saturated with poor quality content, it’s often hard to reach your target customers in the first place.

Biz TV gives your content the reach of TV advertising, engaging a captive audience on the streaming service Roku, which reaches over 43 million American homes.

What Is Roku?

Roku is a streaming device hosting ondemand TV services including Netflix, HBO and independent channels.
Marketing on Roku is having great success in the US, with some reporting a 600% increase in sales within 3 months.

Join the Foundation Group

If you’re an innovator, a boundary-pusher and someone who likes to get to things first, we invite you to apply to join the Foundation Group for our upcoming soft launch.

You’ll be able to save 50% on the already very affordable fee, costing you only $350 / month.


Following our Pilot Program, the following pricing will apply

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How many viewers will see my program?
July 2020 figures show Roku have 38.9 million active accounts, predominantly in America
How many regular viewers tune into Roku?
June 2019 figures show approximately 15 million people tune in each week and watch up to 10 hours
Can you give me viewer statistics on my program/video?
We can supply channel statistics, however, we recommend you put in a code ie., Roku, to track all new business coming from your program
How do I watch Roku?
If you are in America, you can purchase their streamers direct from www.roku.com – if you reside outside of America you can purchase their streamers from eBay or Amazon. We would suggest comparing the devices on www.roku.com to select the best streamer for your viewing.  If you are based in America, you can now purchase TV with Roku hardware built in – nothing to add
Can I upload a second video within a month?

Yes you can, refer to the pricing table

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