Commercial Value Services Provided

Buz On Biz is not only is a training organisation and mentoring company which helps you grow your business by educating you and your staff, we have additional services to assist in your business growth

We have highly skilled people who have worked in international businesses in sales and procurement who are ready to work on your behalf

Buz On Biz offers the skills of these people to work as your remote on-call, adhoc, sales and procurement team. In short, Buz On Buz actually practices what is preaches – put us to the test

We can add value to your business without overhead expenses

The first 12 months is under a contract agreement which is based on reward for effort.  If we don’t produce any rewards to your business for our efforts, you don’t need to reward us

If we can’t get a better deal, you have satisfaction in knowing you and your team is placed at a global benchmark

Remember your suppliers have to be able to pay their bills – it’s not a one way street

If you push too hard, they won’t be there when you need them

Procure For Less

We will on your behalf, negotiate with your suppliers for the best price possible

  • You provide specifications of your items and a current invoice
  • We negotiate with your or our suppliers for the best possible trading terms
  • Our fee – 10% of the profit for the first 12 months – No savings no fee
  • So what do you have to lose??

Sell For More

If any of the the following sounds familiar to you, please contact us and we can discuss a value proposition which suits you and your customers

  • Who is getting the best value for your sales? You or your customer
  • Are your trading terms the best they can be?
  • Are your your sales-people working to a popular song:
    • ‘Give it Away, Give it Away – Now’
  • Do you think your salespeople are working for you or your customers?
  • Is your customer dictating the terms?
  • Are your profits shrinking?

Let Us Conduct A Business Value Proposition For You Today 


Can you ensure success for my business?
Unfortunately, we cannot ensure success as some people have not taken our advice
Do you take shares in my business?
This option will be assessed on a case by case basis and discussed with you prior to any action being taken
Have you had failures in your businesses?

Oh Yes!!! I (Linda) have made many which is how I can pick up on your mistakes before you make them and try to avoid any major damage. This is the absolute best way to learn and succeed

Is our first meeting complimentary?

Yes it is, there will be no charges until they have been discussed with you

Will you continue to work with me in my business?
Yes we do and we will connect you with the people you need to know.

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