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Welcome to Buz on Biz

Starting, growing and scaling a business all come with complex challenges.

To be successful, you need the guidance of someone who has walked the path before you, and you need access to the platforms that will get you front of your target audience.

Having started, failed and succeeded with multiple businesses of her own, Linda Elletson founded Buz on Biz to give others the guidance and exposure to accelerate their own journey to business success.

In a rapidly evolving landscape in business, marketing and media, our philosophy is to stay at the very front of trends to give our clients a head start. Now that trend is Biz TV taking the power of content marketing onto streaming services like Roku that are capturing millions more viewers every year

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How Buz on Biz takes your Business from Concept to Reality?

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Customer Reviews

“I have known Linda from Buz On Biz for over 5 years and always found her business ethics were of the highest standard in everything Linda does. Her passion for supporting business’s of all sizes is also praiseworthy and I have seen the positive results of various business that have been the recipient of Linda’s advice and experience. All who work with Linda will testify to her commitment and dedication to whatever task is before her and her willingness to go the extra mile.”

Paul Williams Director – Comace Pty Ltd