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Stream your business LIVE or ON-DEMAND on Television

Our exclusive Biz TV has a reach of more than 60million active accounts. This is one of the most under utilised and effective channels of marketing. Take it's advantage before your competition goes viral.

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What's Biz TV?

Biz TV is the streamer to grow your business.

There has never been a better time to get on one of our TV Channels and if we don’t have the topic you are looking for, we can discuss your own channel or we can create one. Until now the cost has been out of reach for so many of us, however, now it’s within your reach and budget. You get instant authority, prestige and fame by being seen on TV. Roku is the leading provider of on-demand TV with millions of viewers in the US alone. Appearing alongside giants such as HBO, Showtime, Netflix, ABC, CBS, Fox, Hulu, Disney and More!!.

Who can use Biz TV to grow their business?

Although this option is open to any business, we do suggest you have an online (automated) business ie., Coaches and Consultants, E-Commerce Businesses, Influencers or anyone who has their program automated.

We recommend an automated business as there is high potential for growth.

If your business fits these requirements, and you would like to promote to a US audience, please complete the application below and let’s talk tactics

  • Complete the application form.

  • Provide a sample of your program.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any ROI.

  • However, we would be happy to discuss your content.

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    Steps to get started

    Follow these simple process below and take your business global

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    Include confirmation you have engaging content ready to go, 20-30 high quality videos, no longer than 15 minutes each

    Your business systems are automated ready for the influx of business